Wednesday, January 11, 2006


National Pie Day - January 23 - will be upon us before you know it, much as a cream pie upon Shemp Howard. Thank you, O thank you, American Pie Council.

Yep - pies got councils.

I’m already planning the menu.

For breakfast? Quiche Lorraine would be an obvious choice, but quiche is for Fancy-Boys. I’ll have waffles, thank you.

Lunch? Russian Cabbage and Onion Pie. Maybe some spanakopita - Greek spinach pie.

Dinner? Chicken pot pie. Shepherd’s pie. And for dessert, some of the deadliest, most serious chocolate pie on the planet: Chocolate Cream Pie from Greenwood’s on Green Street.

Fattening? Of course! A good pie crust is nought but Flour and Grease. But oh, so flaky good.

Feel free to make suggestions of your own in the Comments. On January 23, what time is it? It’s Pie o’Clock!

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