Sunday, January 29, 2006


You’ve gotta hand it to Laurence Simon, who not only takes Catblogging seriously, he takes his position as Ringmaster and Grand Panjandrum of the Carnival of the Cats seriously as well.

Political Fred was on the rota to host the 97th Carnival, but he was MIA. And with no good contact info, there was no way to track him down to find out Wha’ Hoppen?

I’m thinking he’d better have a better excuse than the tried-and-true Dead Grandma™.

Meanwhile, Laurence, not one to let a Kitty Carnival languish simply because the scheduled host defaulted, jumped right into the fray and put together a 51-entry Carnival in record time. This, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that his normal Daily Bloggy Output is enough to crush most people.

So go visit the Carnival. Enjoy all the kitties, and pay homage to a blogger who Takes This Shit Seriously.

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