Tuesday, May 29, 2007


When I walk into a fine Dining Establishment, my appetite is often whetted by the overall décor of the restaurant. It’s those little touches that tell me I’m about to enjoy an excellent meal.

The tables are bedecked with clean tablecloths. The place settings sparkle, silver gleaming and napery crisply folded.

There may be various signs on the wall attesting to the quality of the food. Perhaps a citation from the Châine des Rotisseurs; perhaps a plaque from a major ratings organization. Mobil Five-Diamond Award? You just know the meal will be good. Or at least, it will drain enough simoleons from your pocket so that you will convince yourself that it was.

And if, as at our family dinner last Saturday night, the walls are adorned with Tasteful Artwork, why, that just helps all the more to get the Digestive Juices flowing...

Restaurant Sign

Mr. Debonair will tell you that a proper Eating Establishment offers enemas in both white and black rubber bags, so that one need not worry about getting unsightly smudges upon one’s clothing...

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