Friday, May 11, 2007


SCAD Student Center
The new Scad Student Center.

The new SCAD Student Center is housed in a building with a long and colorful history.

Originally built in 1908, the Moorish-style structure housed the B’nai B’rith Jacob congregation prior to their moving to new quarters in the southern end of town on Abercorn Street in 1970. It was then taken over by the local Episcopalians, who converted it into a church while (thankfully) leaving most of the architectural details intact. Which would explain the unusual juxtaposition of a crucifix atop the building, flanked by stars of David on the twin spires.

When that congregation, in turn, departed for greener pastures in 2002, the Savannah College of Art and Design took it over. They selectively and carefully gutted the interior - taking pains to preserve the original millwork and ornate decorations - and turned it into a Student Center. It’s now open for business in its newest incarnation, and when we were walking in the neighborhood a few weeks ago, we stopped in for a visit on the strength of the Mistress’s ties to the institution as an alumna...and our ties as tuition-paying parents.

It’s an impressive place. Way nicer than the student center I hung out at back in my College-Student Days. On the main floor, there are at least a half-dozen pool tables, and plenty of computer workstations - all equipped with the finest flat-screen monitors. Upstairs, there are study carrels - but unlike the study carrels of my youth, these are not in a dark, dank, dingy Sub-Basement - they are lit by the glow of the sun coming through huge frosted windows, and they command an impressive view of the first level.

Go up to the top level, and you’ll find something different: the Zombi-Pod.

The Zombi-Pod.

I’m not sure whether these were originally designed to reanimate zombies, but they also serve as a perfect place to cop a few Z’s. Just close the lid (making you look like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs, except in white), elevate the feet, plug in your earbuds, and you’re good to go. And when you wake up, you have an inexplicable hankerin’ for some braaaaaaains...


As we were getting ready to leave, the wall decoration - done up in mid-19th century style - caught my eye.

Wall Decoration

Wallpaper Detail

Wait a minute...That guy looks awfully familiar! Where had I seen that face before?

Why, at Thanksgiving dinner!

Josh’s Mullet

It’s the Mistress’s friend Josh!

What’ll those crazy Art Student kids do next? Zombi-Pods...and Time Machines!

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