Monday, May 21, 2007


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Remember when you were a kid and they told you (whoever “they” were) that if you dug a deep enough hole, you’d end up in China?

Well, that’s a crock of shit...just in case you haven’t figured that out already. Aside from the slight logistical difficulty posed by the Earth’s molten core, if one were able to dig through the planet from, say, right here in May-Retta, Georgia, one would end up smack-dab in the depths of the southern Indian Ocean...1,175 miles WSW of Perth, Australia. Rightinnamiddleafuckingnowhere.

You can use Google Earth to find the antipodes - the exact opposite spot on the globe - from any place on the planet. Just open the Measure tool, left-click on your starting point, and run a line to the other side of the world. When the line starts to swivel around - about 12,422 miles - left click again to mark the place.

Ain’t technology wonderful?

[Tip o’ th’ Elisson fedora to Brandon Hoover at javajive for the Kool Koncept!]

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