Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I had to laugh at a comment left here by a lovely majuscule-impaired lady:

“that’s why i like you. your brain is so big. really, and you post a lot. and your sense of comedic timing. but mainly, it’s your big freekin brain.”

Well. OK, then.

Not quite sure what set that off, unless it was my use of fitty-cent words (as is my wont) like “antipodes” in the last post.

I like that word. “Antipodes.” Say it with me: An. Ti. Po. Deez.

Sounds like a character right out of a Greek tragedy, no?

Heracles: Rejoice, friend! For King Antinoös returns from his voyage upon the wine-dark sea!

Oedipos: How can I rejoice? I have not yet slain Pater and made Bouncy-Bouncy with Mater, as I am, alas, fated to do...

Antipodes: Da fuck?!!?

Adipos: O, Oedipos, my brother - does this chiton make my ass look fat?

All: Yes!

But I digress. Yes, I use a Big Word now and again...and sometimes, I even carve out new ones to suit my fancy. What do I carve ’em out of? Why, the old Writer’s Block, of course.

Anyway, this business of big brains. It’s all a load of crap...but it did remind me of a cartoon that appeared in the Princeton Tiger’s hundredth anniversary retrospective (which itself is twenty-five years old this year). The cartoon was originally drawn sometime in the late 1970’s (the artist, Jonathan Bumas, was in the class of 1978, so I place it sometime between 1975 and 1978), and was done in the Mort Drucker style familiar to anyone who ever read Mad magazine. And when I read that comment, well...

...let’s just say it sounded All Too Familiar...

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