Wednesday, May 02, 2007


There’s an old Shaggy-Dog Story about a young man in extreme circumstances who is forced to sell the family duck...and since I’ve already posted it, I will save you the agony of reading it here (it’s a real groaner).

What got me thinking about ducks was an e-mail I received from Houston Steve. It seems that, unlike roughly 97% of all other birds, male ducks have external genitalia. Penises, that is.

Yes: Ducks got dicks.

And not just dicks. Huge, complicated, corkscrew-shaped affairs. Ducks don’t fuck, they screw. Really.

I was all set to write a big ol’ post about Duck Dicks, but it looks like The Atheist Jew beat me to I won’t try to gild the lily. Go and read his post - if for no other reason, to view the Duckman clip he has embedded within it.

Duckman was one of the Bright Spots in 1990’s animation. Gotta love a cartoon that featured Jason Alexander, who voiced the titular Duckman with a perpetually pissed-off panache. Along with Alexander, the cartoon also made use of the voice talent of Dweezil Zappa and the music of his dad Frank.

Tips o’ th’ Elisson fedora go to Houston Steve (for the e-mail) and to Chickie Carmarthen (for the link).

Lord fuck love a duck!

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