Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Momma Duck and her brood.

This charming family of ducks was roaming the neighborhood around our rented house in Destin. Our first morning there, the whole brood sailed off across the lake, little ducklings all in a row behind Momma.

A few days later, we saw them on the other side of the lake during our morning sweatbath walk. I had to run back and get the camera.

I stood there, with the Duck Family about 40 yards away. Within minutes, they all marched over, ending up about ten feet from me...but all within the Ducky Protective Zone of Momma Kotchka. (That’s “duck” in Yiddish. Got a sort of ring to it, don’t it?) They could see I meant them no harm, but they’re not completely stupid.

Damn, they’re cute. Tasty, too.

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