Friday, July 01, 2005


I was saddened to hear of the loss this past Tuesday of Edloe, one of the Great Horde o’ Kitties at House Simon.

Unconnected as I have been from Bloggy-World this week, I got the sad news direct from the source, in a heartbreaking voicemail from Laurence Simon. With my having been a Pilgrim to the Home of the Simon Kitties, Lair knew that I would want to hear the news personally. As soon as I received the message - I have been sloppy about checking my voicemail this week - I called Lair to express my condolences.

Edlow was a big grumpus, for sure, clocking in at over twenty-five pounds. Long, fluffy hair, and asymmetrical eyes - this last a trait shared by several of the Simon cats. But Edloe was never a grumpus to me. She was sweet as a kitty can be, our own Matata excepted. [Of course, we’re not entirely sure Matata is 100% cat. There may be some dog in her DNA.] I’m glad I had the chance to meet her...and to see the remarkable amount of affection and love Lair has for his Brood o’ Kitties.

Ave atque vale, Edloe. Requies-kitty-cat in pace.

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