Monday, July 11, 2005


’Ta on the Throne
The Queen, she sitteth on her throne
And meows at me with royal tone:
Go thou, varlet - fetch some food
For I am in a peckish mood!
And while you’re at it, Big Galoot,
Don’t forget to add Fresh Fruit.

’Ta on the Throne, Too
I sit upon the Throne of Power!
Lesser beings quake and cower.

’Kuna on the Bed
Hakuna, meanwhile, keeps her counsel,
And should Matata try to pounce, ’ll
Hide herself beneath the bed
Until the last “Good Night” is said.

[This is Blog d’Elisson Post #700. Dang, that’s a whole lotta Useless Crap piled up in one place!]

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