Friday, July 01, 2005


The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. - Mark Twain
I realized the other day that I had actually gone almost a full week without posting.

It’s called vacation, Esteemed Readers.

I have been Internet-less - except for a brief few minutes of Non-Bloggy Business - for the past week. For that matter, I have not worn long pants for a week. (In the interest of common decency, however, I have worn pants. Or a swimsuit, at least.) I have played 90 holes of golf. I have consumed numerous Sazerac cocktails.

I have gone Swimming with SWMBO.

But Bloggy Activity has been thin on the ground - nay, nonexistent.

No, Bane, I am not dead, slowly being converted into Shark Protein and Feces. But thanks for your concern. And thanks also to Rahel, who actually sent me an e-mail to inquire as to whether all was OK at Chez Elisson. (It was.)

I am still On Vacation, and will be blogging unpredictably, if at all, until Sunday evening. There will be much Catching Up to do at that time, many stories to tell. But meantime, I am getting ready to return to the shore by the silken Gulf waters, surrounded by family and friends, with a cold drink in hand - complete with little umbrella, in honor of a4g of Point Five.


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