Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I, the Ever-Tasteful, Rarely Vulgar Elisson*, must convey some distressing news: Popular Culture continues its unfortunate march in the direction of Ever-Increasing Coarseness.

We’re so used to hearing “sucks” and “blows” on network television (even cartoons!) that we have conveniently forgotten the Fellatioid Origins of these terms.

Peter Boyle says “crap” regularly on Everybody Loves Raymond, and nobody seems to give a shit care.

And now, the funny pages. Garry Trudeau has broken new ground.

Doonesbury, 7/26/05
Universal Press Syndicate ©2005 G. B. Trudeau.

Agghh. How teddibly, teddibly vulgah. How...nekulturny.

I’m reasonably confident that Doonesbury is the first comic strip to incorporate the expression “Turd Blossom.” About 10-12 U.S. newspapers pulled the strip, but most of the 1,400 papers that run it didn’t bat an eye.

Huh. Here I’d been thinking all along that Mac invented it.

I tell you, it’s disgusting. One of these days, someone is liable to flash her titty at the Super Bowl, and then our society is Doomed to Extinction! ’Cause Gawd’ll be all Pissed-Off an’ stuff!

*Note: Feel free to laugh quietly to yourself. Raucous guffawing, however, is not a sign of Refined Behavior.

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