Friday, July 29, 2005


Savannah residence.
Former Savannah residence of the Mistress of Sarcasm.

The U-Haul truck is packed, and now it’s time to soothe them aching muscles in a warm bawth. Or perhaps a few laps around the pool.

U-Haul has a way of giving you more truck than you ask for, especially on a one-way move. I ordered one of those little-ass trucks, but they gave me a 24-foot monster. Plenty of room for the Mistress’s Voluminous Piles o’ Crap, but a pain in the ass to drive. Ah, well.

Piles o’Crap
Voluminous Piles o’ Crap. Note the creative labeling.

I had been hoping to hook up with Rob, the Acidulated One his ownself, but it seems that he has been feeling a mite puny these last few days. Accordingly, the Doctah Man fixed him up with some Powerful Medicaments, rendering him incapable of a safe drive down to Savannah. Such is life. We’ll be back, though, and I have the Rain Check.

Funny thing about this blogging business. I’ve had lengthy telephone conversations with people I’ve never met in Meatworld, and it’s as if I’ve known them for years. That’s the nature of the connections people forge in Bloggity World, I suppose...and that, Esteemed Readers, is a Good Thing.

Our original plan was to drive back to Atlanta tonight. Screw that. We will want to eat a Serious Dinner, followed by some Serious Log-Sawing. (And who knows? Perhaps some Serious Monkey-Business as well!) Tomorrow morning, I will be in much better shape to tackle the drive.

And now, the Swimming Pool calleth.

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