Wednesday, July 13, 2005


The Great N’Awlins Blogmeet of 2005 is a sketchy proposition for me, seeing how I’ve already burned over one week of vacation on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama and on the beach in Destin. As if that were not enough, we’re off to Santa Monica for another ridiculously-extended weekend of carousing and trouble-making.

So it’s a bit, er, ahhh...problematic for The Man in the Panama Hat to make another screaming run to the swamps of southern Lousy-Ana.

My heart, nevertheless, will be with all y’all. Here are some pictures from our last sojourn in the Crescent City to help get you in the mood...

The photos were taken at the Soniat Hotel, what the V-man would call a “fancy crib.” Not the Ritz, mind you, but any place that serves fresh-baked biscuits with sweet butter and homemade jam, thick coffee with chicory, and freshly squeezed OJ leaps up a few notches on the Preferred Hostelry List d’Elisson.

When you are there, fellow Internet Online Journalists and Web-Loggers, should I not happen to be amongst your company, tip back a nice Sazerac Cocktail and I’ll know you are thinking of me.

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