Monday, July 11, 2005


Life o’ th’ Mistress
The Mistress of Sarcasm, even now, is on her way back to Savannah after a week-long visit with Elder Daughter in the Northeast. And it occurred to me that her 23rd birthday having fallen on June 30, in the midst of my Vacationary No-Blog Zone two weeks ago, there has been, thus far, no Bloggy Acknowledgement of that special day.

Well, let me correct that right now.

The Mistress, ahhh, how to describe her? Creative, intelligent, charming, polite...all of these inadequate adjectives come to mind...but the best way to tell you about the Mistress is to tell you, Esteemed Readers, what I have told her on many occasions: If you were not my daughter, I would want you to be my friend.

You got a card already, but let me shout it out to the world.

Happy (belated) birthday, my love!

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