Thursday, February 02, 2006


I was casting about for something quick for lunch, and I came up with this:

Wild Blueberry Belgian Waffles with Meyer Lemon Curd.

Blueberry-Lemon Waffles

Quick, you say? Why, what is Elisson smoking? Whatchoo mean, quick?

It took all of three minutes to throw it all together...but only because the two key ingredients - the waffles and the Meyer lemon curd - had been prepared in advance. Otherwise, it would have been a lengthier undertaking.

There’s something about Meyer lemons that can brighten the dreariest February day. They have a more subtle flavor than the bright yellow everyday lemons we get in the Stupid-Market, and their thin, orange-yellow skin makes a potent, aromatic zest. I saw a pile of those bad boys at Fresh Market the other day and couldn’t resist.

Making the lemon curd requires some patience because you have to cook it slowly in a double boiler over simmering water - otherwise, you end up with a heap of lemon-flavored scrambled eggs. The recipe is one that I grabbed from the Bakerina last year, and it is the finest lemon curd I have ever put in my mouth. I had run up a batch last night, figuring on finding any number of uses for it. Besides simply eating it right out of the bowl with a honkin’ big spoon, that is.

As for the waffles, I had made those a couple of weeks ago when Eric, the Princess Fiona, and Zonker came a-calling. I had used the basic recipe that came with our Belgian waffle iron, substituting melted butter for the vegetable oil and throwing in a pile of wild blueberries to give ’em some extra flavor and color. But I had doubled the recipe - you do not want to be short of waffles when dealing with partially hung over, ravenous bloggers - and as a result there was a small mountain of leftover waffles and plenty of unused batter. The extra batter ended up in the sink, but the surplus waffles ended up in the freezer in a Ziploc bag, whence they could be extracted one or two at a time whenever the Waffle-Mood struck. Not as good as fresh-made, but a lot quicker...and way better than those frozen Mini-Manhole Covers they sell at the local Foode Shoppe.

Two frozen waffles, thawed out in the Nuke-Machine for one minute, followed by a quick run through the toaster to crisp ’em up, and they were the perfect base for a couple of healthy dollops of lemon curd and a few spoons of Dickinson’s Wild Maine Blueberry Syrup. Yowza!

About two hours in the gym oughta be enough to work it off...

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