Sunday, February 05, 2006


Yes, we have Royalty amongst us.

There’s Queen Matata, here displaying her Regal Imperiousness:

Queen Matata
Peasant! Bring me kibble. And be quick about it!

Queen Matata Too
Dare ye to skritch the Royal Personage?

And, waiting patiently in the wings, is Princess Hakuna. No less royal, but a tad less aggressive.

Hakuna by the Stairs
Are you quite through sucking up to Her Nibs over there? ’Cause my bowl’s empty.

Carnival of the Cats will be posted later today at enrevanche. If you can tear your ass away from watching Stoopid-Bowl Super Bowl XL, getcha some of that Kitty Goodness...and be sure to say “Hello!” to Mister Gato.

And be sure to visit Laurence Simon’s latest catblogging enterprise, an Unholy Alliance with the MSM: Catcall, the Houston Carbuncle Chronicle’s honest-to-Gawd Cat Blog. It’s Cat-Riffic!

Update: The Carnival is up...early!

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