Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The Vox Poopuli has spoken, and we now know who is King Shit.

With over 200 votes deposited in the Ballot Bowl, we are pleased to announce the winner of that most coveted prize o’ th’ Bloggy-Sphere: the Poopul’s Choice Award for Best Crapblogger.

I will preface the announcement by saying that – with the possible exception of Jim, who was nominated on the strength of a single Poop-Post – all of these fine bloggers are excellent Tellers of Vile Tales. (Not that Jim can’t tell a fine Vile Tale, it’s just that he doesn’t make a career out of posting Stool Stories.) And they are by no means the only Crapbloggers out there. Perhaps a renewed Carnival of the Crappers would, er, ahhh...flush a few more of them out into the open.

All of the nominees have proven their abilities beyond the shadow of a Doot, but one stands “head” and shoulders above the others, with a screamin’ 60% of the vote.

So, without further ado-doo, I present to you the Wizard of Wipe (no, wait...that’s me) –

The #1 of #2,
The Sultan of Stool,
The Mack Daddy of Cocky-Doodie,
The Papa of Poop,
Father Feces, the Wearer of the Crown of Brown,
The Duke of Dookie,
The Grand Poo-Bah of Poo,

The Champeen Crapblogger...


Surprised? I’m not. Rob is a Tall Dawg Blodger with a huge base of support, and what’s more, he knows his way around the Nether Nougat. Capable of handling the Big Jobs.

Velociman is the Runner-Up with the Runs, garnering 17% of the vote, and Og takes third place with 9%.

The Official Tally:

Poop Poll

A suitable Awards Certificate and Trophy will be presented to the Acidic One in recognition of his (ahem) achievement.

Let’s give a big hand to Rob. Better wash it first. Hell, better wash it afterwards, too.

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