Sunday, February 05, 2006


Truly amazing, this Mick Jagger.

Thin as a rail, he prances and dances like a twenty-two year old.

And yet...and yet, he’s old enough so that he does not have wrinkles; he has grooves. Hasn’t slowed him down one bit.

Limber as he is, though, during the Super Bowl XL halftime show, we noticed a certain subtle degree of gelatinous quivering around the ol’ triceps. Yes: Mick Jagger is beginning to develop “Hadassah Arms”!

This prompted one of the ladies present - it was the demure Debbie M-, who had hosted a most extraordinary wedding last summer - to observe, “I’ll bet that’s what his nut-sack looks like, too.”

Great. Mick Jagger’s nut-sack. Lovely thought, that. Excuse me whilst I go and drive a ten-penny nail into my left eye.

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