Sunday, February 05, 2006


Please join me in welcoming a new entry to the blogroll: The BBQ General.

Some time ago, I posted a brief profile of our friends Janet and Wylie. Wylie, the self-styled BBQ General, is, along with Janet, a master barbecue chef, and their new blog is a great place to pick up on some excellent recipes, techniques, and all-around BBQ advice.

I won’t get into the Raging Argument about what type of BBQ is best: Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, Southeastern...’cause to me, they’re all good. It’s like my buddy Gary always says about ice cream: All flavors are good; some are just better than others. And since that is a matter of taste, we’ll leave it to the individual.

Be sure to visit the General and tell him Elisson sent you. I don’t get any baksheesh for this, but I do like to know that my Esteemed Readers are well fed.

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