Monday, February 06, 2006


Snow, rain, and sun. Today, I had it all.

This morning in the northern reaches of Atlanta, we had a few minutes of honest-to-Gawd snow, which gave way to cold, drenching rain. Lovely.

But I got on the Silver Aerial Bus mid-afternoon and made my way to Sweat City for a two-day sojourn. It’s warmer here – mid-60’s during the day, 40’s at night – and it was sunny when I arrived.

Just for shits ’n’ grins, I flew into Hobby Airport instead of the usual Inter-Caca-nental. As it happens, since I’m staying near the West Loop, it made for a much shorter drive to the hotel. Even better, I was going countercurrent to the rush hour traffic. No worries...and no tolls, even.

Hobby is located in a generally scuzzy part of town, not a good place to get misdirected in the dead of night. But the drive took me past Astroworld, which is in the process of being dismantled and sold off, piece by piece. Anyone wanna buy a slightly used roller coaster?

And I saw Reliant Center for the first time. Holy crap, it dwarfs the Astrodome, which used to sit just north of the South Loop like a gigantic boil on Nether Houston’s ass. It still sits there, but now Reliant Center looms behind it like some sort of science-fictional Borg Shoppe. Damn, the things you miss when you spend all your time on the north and west sides of town...

So: here I sit, with my laptop and handy wireless connection, banging out spreadsheets for my meetings tomorrow morning and reading the occasional Bloggy Nugget. And I should write a post. What to write about? Ear wax? Proper Bunwad Technique? My strange and vile musical library? Food? Those nutty Muhammad cartoons? Satirical Photoshops? Cats? The mind boggles...

But the brain-keyboard link refuses to cooperate. Perhaps I shall settle down with a fast-paced Crime Novel, having blown through a collection of alternative history novellas on the flight in. Charlie Huston’s latest opus awaits, and I am sure it will not disappoint.

Perhaps a fillum. I hear Brokeback Bloggers is playing over at Dax’s...

Just Damn! Crap!

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