Sunday, July 23, 2006


There's a new Apple Shoppe at Perimeter Mall here in Atlanta, full of all of the Electronic Toys that make the modern geek envious.

It may be frustrating to look at all of this computerized Eye-Candy without being able to haul away a few carloads of it to enhance the homestead's Communications Centre, but that matters not. What does matter is that I now have a convenient place to pass the time whilst She Who Must Be Obeyed enriches the local Footwear Purveyors.

And, besides, there are Gew-Gaws with which to amuse oneself. Lookee here:

Elisson at the Apple Store

Photo Booth!

I wonder how many high-end iMacs I can screw around with before they kick my ass out of here? Or perhaps, being Enlightened Folk, might they offer me a small stipend - or free equipment! - to demonstrate the Art of Web-Journalism On the Fly to a live audience?

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