Sunday, July 23, 2006


Many of my Bloggity Friends are in the practice of occasionally gathering with fellow Online Web-Journalists in order to exchange writing tips, technical advice, and - aww, who are we kidding? To get hammered, act silly and then write about it later.

The impending Yellin’ in Helen is a good example. And, for that matter, so was dinner last night with Zonker, Denny, the Laughing Wolf, and the redoubtable Dax Montana.

No matter how much fun you have with fellow bloggers, however, a certain amount of discretion is advised, particularly for the first-time attendee at a blogmeet. It’s been said that it is a bad idea to pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel; it is similarly a bad idea to act indiscreet in front of people who purchase electrons by the barrel - and who, for that matter, drink by the barrel as well.

If you are not careful, you leave yourself open to all kinds of problems:


Of course, there are defenses that can be employed, if you have the right connections...


So if you’re going to Helen in September, remember: Online Journalism is a two-edged sword. Be careful not to cut your nipple nuts off with it!

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