Monday, July 17, 2006


Hermione and Henry were indiscreet.
It’s because they suffered from Prickly Heat.

They would do it in the woods or in the street,
Inspired by that devilish Prickly Heat.

“Afternoon Delight” was a daily treat,
For which they were grateful for their Prickly Heat.

They had the motion; they had the meat,
With propulsion provided by Prickly Heat.

They’d finish scruffy, though they started neat,
A consequence of dealing with Prickly Heat.

They got a wedding license at the County Seat,
Driven by desire and Prickly Heat.

They were Horny Hedgehogs, with quills replete.
Hermione and Henry had Prickly Heat.

[The theme of Weekly Challenge #14 at the 100 Word Stories Podcast is heat...suggested by Yours Truly.]

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