Friday, July 28, 2006


It’s a quiet evening at Chez Elisson...SWMBO is away in Kansas City, enjoying the company of her Mom and her great-aunt Dorothy, whilst I am left to my own devices.

For dinner, I decided to rustle up a Hanger Steak. I had snapped up one of these at Harry’s, where I had gone earlier in the day in order to load up on Indian Groceries. Some time back, I posted a recipe for Thyme-Dusted Hanger Steak with Sautéed Shallots, and it’s a fine way to prepare this most excellent cut of beef.

Now, what to do for a side dish? Ah!

At the market, I had seen some nice, ripe tomatoes on the vine and grabbed ’em. These I proceeded to slice up, dressing them with a little Fleur de Sel, some olive oil, a squirt of balsamic vinegar, and some chunks of Roquefort.

Some Stoudt’s India Pale Ale for liquid refreshment, and a finger of Calvados for a digestif...and, Presto! Dinner with Elisson!

Bachelor Dinner

Better than a sharp stick in the eye, to be sure, although it would be a whole lot more enjoyable were SWMBO here to share it with me. And I am sure she’d like it, despite having to hack it up into little tiny chunks in order to comply with her No-Chew Dietary Restriction.

What did you have for dinner?

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