Friday, July 21, 2006


Friday, blessèd Friday,
The ending of the week.
From work I’m numb, but weekend’s come,
When I get on my freak.
Friday, blessèd Friday,
Tonight I can go play.
It’s not that Friday is so hot,
But it precedes Saturday.

A blue-sky day has dawned here in Toronto, but I don’t plan to stick around to enjoy it here. I am in transit between Saint John, my Maritime Home, and Atlanta.

Maritime Home, yes: when I arrived there this Monday, the place had a comfortable, familiar feel to it, mainly owing to my having spent a goodly chunk of time there in June. It also helps make you feel at home when you have Local Friends.

But it will feel good to get back to Chez Elisson, where SWMBO awaits and I can hear the reassuring purrs of little Matata, who gave us a bit of a scare this week. Purrs? The animal purrs like a 2000 horsepower axial compressor. Quiet, she ain’t.

What do the Little White Choon-Box have in store for us this week? Let’s see...
  1. Act I Prelude, Verse 3 - Philip Glass, Akhnaten
  2. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
  3. Jesusland - Ben Folds
  4. Big Boobs - Bobby Slayton
  5. Sugar Fart Atomiser - Captain Beefheart
  6. Odessa Medley - Paul Cantelon, Everything Is Illuminated soundtrack
  7. The Mad Hatter’s Song - The Incredible String Band
  8. Puppet People - Bill Hicks
  9. Her Majesty - The Beatles
  10. Roll Over Beethoven - The Beatles
Heh. Sugar Fart Atomiser. SWMBO claims there is such a thing as a Sugar Fart. I am skeptical.

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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