Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Plenty of people believe that the Shroud of Turin is an actual image of Jesus, not just some old, filthy schmattah with an interesting-looking pattern of light and dark skid-marks splotches. Sure, you may have an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe toasted into your tortilla…and there may be a Religious Icon staring out at you when you look at a leaky crack underneath a freeway overpass.

I used to be suspicious of such Supernatural Imagery…but no longer. Checkit: here’s a Pyrex pan, of late used by SWMBO to prepare some tasty Gefilte Fish. And...and...lookee there! It’’s...

The Pyrex of Marietta

Aw, who the fuck is that, anyway?

Now, which Great and Awesome Religious Figure does this put you in mind of?

Jesus? Moses? Too thin for the Buddha...

L. Ron Hubbard? Elvis?

Feel free to leave your speculations in the comments. Meanwhile, I’m thinking of lobbing this bad boy up on eBay. For, certes, there is someone who will find inspiration in the mundane, something sacred in the profane...and who has more money than brain cells. Minimum bid $1000!

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