Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Money was tight in London, and so the two friends, writers both, decided to share a garret. Sparsely furnished and plain, it was nevertheless home.

Over time, Charles became successful, writing novels that were frequently published in serial form. His roommate’s work, meanwhile, found no takers; he grew despondent.

One day, after Charles had sold yet another novel, his friend received another in a seemingly endless parade of rejection slips. Heartbroken, he leaped through the garret window, his body landing on the cobblestones below with a wet thud.

“Who was this?” a horrified constable asked Charles.

“I’m Dickens. He’s Defenestrated.”

[The theme of the 13th Weekly Challenge at the 100 Word Stories Podcast is, of course, defenestrate.]

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