Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Some time back, I pointed out the remarkable resemblance between our little nephew William and his auntie, She Who Must Be Obeyed her ownself.

That such a strong family resemblance can cross entire generations attests to the fact that sometimes there are some mighty strong currents in the ol’ Gene Pool.

And now that William is getting a little older, another resemblance is beginning to assert itself...

Pop-Pop Bill, age three
Billie Bob, circa age three.

The smiling young man above is none other than William’s grandfather, the late Billie Bob. [Yes, Billie Bob. That’s the way it appears on his birth certificate. Bill did not find out that his legal name was Billie Bob until he joined the Navy at age 18.]

The pose is a classic 1930’s “Kid Sitting On A Pillow” special, and, while the timeframe is a little vague, little Bill could pass for three.

William, age three
William, age three.

Fast-forward about 74 years. Here you have Nephew William, sitting for his portrait at roughly the same age, almost three-quarters of a century later, and damned if they don’t look like the Bobbsey Twins!

Paternity test, schmaternity test. If ever there were any doubt - there isn’t - no question who this kid’s Daddy is...

Morris William
Morris William - SWMBO’s kid brother - age five.

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