Thursday, April 20, 2006


Tonight we went out to dinner at a local Italian joint, there to celebrate the end of the Passover dietary restrictions. Joining us were a dozen or so fellow congregants from our shul - the regular Thursday evening bunch.

I’m not especially observant when it comes to the Jewish dietary laws, but there’s something about Passover that compels a level of Attention To The Rules that goes well beyond normal week-to-week practice. And matzoh ain’t all that bad, aside from its prodigious crumb-generating capabilities and its unfortunate tendency to generate Sticky, Tarry Stools. There is nothing so fine as a board or two of matzoh, slathered with fresh butter, for a Passover breakfast.

But after eight days of eating no grain products save those made from Unleavened Bread (or ground-up derivatives of same), I, like most of my coreligionists, am ready for something distinctly Un-Matzoh-Like.

And I think I captured the general sentiment of our Dinner Group pretty well when I observed that, “After eight days of matzoh, they could bring out a dead dog on a plate, as long as it was properly breaded...or if they served pasta on the side.”

Don’t agree? Hey, you try going without bread for a week.

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