Friday, April 07, 2006



Early this afternoon, a Mystery Visitor with the IP address became - best as I can tell - Visitor Number 100,000 to this, my Humble Electronic Internet Web-Log.

Sitemeter says the Mystery Visitor is in Westpoint, Tennessee. Statcounter says Mystery Visitor uses Bellsouth DSL Internet Access. The operating system? It’s a mystery, as befits a Mystery Visitor.

I certainly hope said Mystery Visitor identifies him- or herself, so that I may procrastinate several months before sending an appropriately tasteful prize by way of commemmorating this Vastly Overrated Occasion.

I started this mess in early July 2004, exactly 21 months ago today. Since then, I’ve written 1,410 posts of wildly varying quality, length, and readability, on topics ranging from food to religion to Nasal Mucus. It’s mostly bullshit, of course, but once in a while there is an Entertaining Anecdote sprinkled in, much as one might find a golden nugget. Yes, Esteemed Readers: you are the grizzled prospectors seeking buried treasure. Corn Kernels amongst the Shite-Lumps. And I thank you for it.

100,000 site visits sounds like a lot, until you realize that there are Big Dawgs out there who have that many visitors every month...and a few, every day. But no matter. I’m not trying to make a living here, just trying to inflict my twisted worldview upon a cadre of willing victims. And to have fun.

’Cause it’s all about the fun, innit?

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