Thursday, April 20, 2006


You say you’d listen to podcasts, except they’re too fucking long and boring?

Worry no more. Go visit 100 Word Stories - IFOC Podcast, where Laurence Simon - the “This Blog Is Full Of Crap” guy - has posted a whole collection of Little Gems narrated by a dissolute group of derelicts and degenerates, not least of whom is Yours Truly.

Here are my contributions. Now you can not only read ’em and weep; you can listen to ’em and puke.

Big Dave

Salad Bowl

Mass Confusion

The Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Breakfast Cereal

Wax Job

The Designer

New Rome

Don’s Night In

Deadly Technology

Block of Ages

Waiting For Pentecost

Critical Mass

Podcasting! Just in case spewing Blog-Crap out onto the World Wide Web doesn’t stroke your bloated ego enough to give it a stiffie...

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