Tuesday, April 11, 2006


...and it’s getting crappier by the minute.

My friend Laurence Simon of This Blog Is Full Of Crap operates a satellite site that offers up podcasts of his 100-Word Stories. If you’re familiar with the (now defunct) site 100 Words or Les Nessman, you may have seen some of these, including the beloved Mustard Man and The Wacky Adventures of Abraham Lincoln series.

The 100-word format is perfect for podcasting. Short, sweet, and to the point. And Laurence is a master of the genre.

Thanks to his kind offices, you can now hear some of my own Gems o’ th’ Spoken Word at 100 Word Stories - IFOC Podcast, where I am now part of a small, select group of contributors. Laurence will be putting them up on his site over the next several...days? weeks? However long it takes for him to work through the small inventory of stories I’ve sent him. And I may just have to record a few more...

They always said I had a voice for the newspapers and a face for radio. Perhaps the same goes for podcasting.

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