Sunday, April 02, 2006


Today, She Who Must Be Obeyed got it into her head that we should clean out the garage.

Of course, despite my desire to piss away the day in a state of Useless Time-Wastage, I knew she was right. Our garage had drifted into a state of disorganization. Chaos. It was a Dog’s Breakfast.

And thus it was that SWMBO and I cleaned out the garage. Now it’s pristine. With all the junk cleared out, we have plenty of room...for new junk. But I get ahead of myself, for there is a story here.

Early on in the proceedings, our supply of Humongous Black Contractor Trash-Bags was consumed, and so there was nothing for us but to take a break and head over to Home Depot.

“Is it OK for me to go like this?” asked the Missus - as though she needed my permission. She, like I was in a state of semi-dishevelment. Shorts, T-shirt, no makeup, features limned by a thin sheen of sweat.

“Of course. We’re just going to Home Depot, fercryingoutloud.”

And it was in the parking lot of that Massive Emporium o’ Building Products and Hardware that the Missus made an astute observation.

“I was hoping that, looking like this, I wouldn’t run into anyone I know. But think about it. My friends know that I don’t look like shit most of the time. But total strangers may think I look like this all the time. Maybe I should hope that I don’t run into anyone I don’t know.”

Damned if I can find any fault in that argument.

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