Monday, August 13, 2007


Sometimes a parody will be so effective, it will completely destroy any enjoyment you may have gotten from the Source Material.

I can’t listen to South Pacific without hearing lyrics from one of MAD Magazine’s numerous sendups in my head. “Alcatraz awaits you...” “There is nothing like a frame...” et cetera.

Yeah. I get an earworm; Weird Al Yankovic gets a career.

Years ago - I must’ve been in high school - I made the mistake of reading Bored of the Rings, the Harvard Lampoon parody of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. It was an inspired piece of nonsense written by Henry Beard and Doug Kenney, who would go on to create National Lampoon Magazine. (Kenney also co-wrote the screenplay for Animal House and appeared in that movie as Stork.)

It absolutely killed Lord of the Rings for me.

I can’t reread Tolkien’s epic without thinking of ridiculouly parodic names like Arrowroot, son of Arrowshirt; Dildo Bugger; Frito Bugger; Legolam; Tim Benzedrine (and his wife Hashberry); and Gimlet, son of Groin.

I can’t look at Tolkien’s Elvish poems and songs without the Lampoon’s versions running through my head:
A Unicef clearasil
Gibberish ’n’ drivel
O Mennen mylar muriel
With a hey derry tum gardol
O Yuban necco glamorene?
Enden nytol, vaseline!
Sing hey nonny nembutal
Yes, LOTR is dead to me now. Thanks, Henry and Doug!

And now you’ll have cause to thank me too.

From Kevin, the Big Hominid at Big Hominid’s Hairy Chasms, comes a fine photograph that will render clayfooted one of your cherished Childhood Icons.

Click on the extended entry at your own risk.

Darthy Vader
Hello Kitty Darth Vader!

Perhaps it’s not who we think it is. Could it be his sister Darthy?

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