Tuesday, March 08, 2005


It looks like the nutjobs at the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas don’t have enough “Sodomites” to harrass in their own neck of the woods, so they’ve come to Georgia, according to this squib in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Two days after a small group of fundamentalist Christians from Kansas began a strident protest against a proposed gay student support group at a high school in the Georgia mountains, the townspeople said enough is enough.

On Monday morning, about 100 people showed up with picket signs in front of White County High School to counter the eight members of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka who had flown in on Saturday and staged loud demonstrations against the gay club as well as seven local churches.

“Go back to Kansas!” the Georgians shouted.
Yes, these assholes fine, upstanding, Godly people had to schlep themselves all the way to Cleveland, Georgia, a hotbed of gayness.

Why Cleveland? Well, it seems that a high school student there, one Kerry Pacer, started a Gay-Straight Alliance. When she asked to have meetings at the school, the school administration started peeing their collective pants...and the media latched on to the story. Plenty of people in Cleveland are still antsy about the Gay-Straight Alliance, but these outsiders have managed to get pretty much everyone bent out of shape.
The demonstrators’ behavior upset even many in Cleveland who oppose the gay school club, such as Marcella Beasley, 79, a member of Cleveland Church of God, who is trying to convert her gay nephew because she worries that “he can’t go to heaven as a homosexual.”
Perhaps it was some of the lofty sentiments expressed by the Kansans that got people upset:
The locals were especially livid at the out-of-towners for showing up at churches on Sunday morning before services and hurling at worshippers such insults as “Thank God for 9/11,” “God hates you” and ”Your pastor is lying.” The fundamentalists said the churches were targeted because they had not condemned homosexuality strongly enough.
My own opinion? Any American who says “Thank God for 9/11” should either be dragged off and shot...or better yet, be handed over to a roomful of victims’ family members for a little, mmmmm, re-education.

And these Westboro assclowns? Ship ’em back to Kansas and send ’em back to their church. Then Waco the sonsabitches.

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