Monday, March 28, 2005


Or, if you will, a Pissy Puzzlement.

Here I am, visiting The Room - what Indonesians call the “Kamar Kecil” - and Draining the Lizard, when another gentleman walks in and parks himself at the adjacent urinal. Then, once he gets matters flowing along, as it were, he flushes the urinal.

Now, really - what’s the point of flushing the urinal before you’re done?

Is it so that the flushing noise will cover up the sound of your “tinkling”?

Did the previous, er, ahh - user - not flush? Does that bother you?

Really, what’s the point here? Because when you’re done, it’s not like you flush the damn thing a second time, leaving it pristine for the next visitor. No, you went and flushed early, so that when you finally finish up and leave, whizzy remnants are left behind.

If I had known this guy, I would have up and asked him - but I didn’t, so I didn’t. It’s a violation of the Unwritten Manly Code to make conversation with people you don’t know when you’re in The Room.

So, with the grand anonymity of the Internet at my disposal, I’m asking my (male) Esteemed Readers: Can you think of any reason to flush the urinal before you’re finished?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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