Friday, March 25, 2005


What? Friday again?

It’s Friday morning, the start of a busy day for me and the Great Bifurcated Gods who share my house.

I kicked things off with my normal Morning Routine. At 5:15 (I don’t know what that means, but that is what appears on the face of the Mysterious Glowing Music-Box) I begin by nuzzling the faces of the Great Bifurcated Gods, each in turn, and by rummaging amidst the Small Objects that are found on the table whereupon sits the Mysterious Glowing Music-Box. Often I can knock a few of these objects to the floor for closer examination.

Then I extend Butt-Sniffing Courtesies to the Great Bifurcated Ones, who for some reason are always strangely uninterested. In fact, oftentimes they will become agitated and will grab me by the scruff of my neck to remove me from their midst. Temporarily, of course.

I like this.

Then it is Breakfast-Time. The Big One gets out of the “bed” and shambles downstairs to replenish my Eating-Bowl...and I am happy. Hakuna will want her portion; I will deny her!

But something is up. I overheard the Great Bifurcated Ones speak of a place called Savannah, and they have taken the Bags with Handles out of the Little Room With All The Crap In It. I fear they will leave my sister Hakuna and me to our own devices this weekend!

Oh, well. I can always bite ’Kuna on the ass. Who’s gonna be there to stop me?

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