Sunday, March 20, 2005


There’s an old story about a wealthy old man who is dating a hot young ingenue. Over dinner - an expensive dinner - he asks her, “If I were to offer you a million dollars for sleeping with me for one night, would you take it?”

The sweet young thing giggles and blushes, replying, “Ooohh, a million dollars is a lot of money - I suppose I would! Tee-hee.”

The conversation moves on to other topics, until, hours later, the evening winds down. Now the old guy asks, “Say, how’s about a hand job? There’s a nice, crisp five-dollar bill in it for you!”

WHAP! The sweet young thing smacks the elderly gentleman across the face and shouts, “How dare you? What kind of girl do you think I am?

[wait for it...]

“Oh, we established what kind of girl you are several hours ago. All we’re doing now is negotiating.”

With that introduction out of the way, this is an update on my project to whore myself out and score some free swag by advertising Adagio Tea on this (hitherto unsullied by crass commercialism) Personal Web Journal.

Adagio Tea. You’ll notice that there’s no link there. Not today. The deal was, put up a link and get a pack o’ swag. And I’ve already put up my link.

It’s a one-shot deal. One link. One post on the index page. No sidebar link. No button. Nothing that will stick around forever. Two weeks, and that sucker is buried in the archive, never again to see the light of day.

I got my swag in the mail yesterday, quid pro quo. Was it the fancy tea set? No. Was it the four-ounce sample tin? No. It was the dinky-ass sampler containing four one-ounce tastes of black tea, along with some little steeping bags.

Unlike Jay, I don’t operate an 800-pond gorilla blog, so I can’t get all excited about deserving the fancy “ingenuiTea Set” and not getting it.

I cooked up some of that stuff this morning before heading off to minyan. Tried the Earl Grey, which looked promising with little bergamot flowers mixed in amongst the tea leaves. That stuff was heady enough to have perfumed my entire car when I tore that shipping box open yesterday, and it did not disappoint. That is an unbiased review. Quid pro quo. One link, one tea freeb. The review is gratis.

Would I order this stuff if I had to pay for it? Mebbe. I’m a Republic of Tea fan - no swag from them! - and I resist change, but you never know.

Hmmm. What kind of blogger do you think I am?

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