Sunday, March 20, 2005


Hakuna and Matata contemplate one year of Kitty Carnivals.

I just know Lair Simon is going to be putting up a super-duper extra-helpin’s-o’-kitty-goodness Carnival later today at IFOC.

He started this nonsense, after all, and it’s therefore so fitting that the Carnival come back to its Full of Crap Roots this week. It is one whole year since the first Carnival reared its fuzzy head!

I’m getting a head start posting this (link to follow) because when the Carnival goes up, I will be preparing to get on the Great Silver Aerial Bus to go to Houston Sweat City. And I don’t want any of my Esteemed Readers to miss out.

Update: The Carnival is up, and, as expected, Lair has done a sterling job. Check it out!

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