Sunday, August 06, 2006


We’ve got our reservations.

We’ve got our schedule set.

We - SWMBO and I - are all ready for the “Yellin’ in Helen” come September 8.

We even have the T-shirt. Yes, indeedy.

Just in case you were thinking to yourself, “What this blogmeet needs is some stupid-ass Semi-Official Logo Merchandise!” let Old Uncle Elisson help you out.

Talk Dirndl To Me

We got T-shirts! We got beer steins! We got all sorts of Stupid Shit! And you can get it too. Just visit if you want to score some Prime Swag. [Be sure to use the link to go directly to the Right Place.]

And before you say, “Lookee heah! Elisson done whoah hisse’f out, that sumbitch!” know ye that any proceeds will be directed to the American Diabetes Association in Rob Smith’s name.

Either that, or it's another fuckmonkey for Velociman.

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