Monday, August 28, 2006


Our Lady of Perpetual MiseryOur last Caption Contest having attracted a sizable pile of entries, it’s time for another. But first, let’s see to the housekeeping.

The Winner and Champeen Captioner from the last Contest is Pammy, from Lollygaggin, with this gem: “(sigh) I DO wish I knew how to get rid of this pesky ‘feminine itch.’”

Honorable mentions:

Libby Spencer (Last One Speaks): “When he said he was going to work on my bust, I thought he meant he was going to get me implants.”

K-Nine (Dead Dog Walkin’): “K-Nine was terribly disappointed. When he told the barmaid he liked that he wanted a little head for his birthday, this was not what he had in mind.”

And how could we not salute this piece of Bizarrity from the Straight White One his ownself: “...the giant, singular, misshapen breast that Penelope had been cursed with in her early pubescent years always made her that wee bit pensive...especially on prom night...”

Caption Contest Winner!

Pammy, feel free to use this Winner’s Button in your is a veritabobble Badge of Shame Honor. And thanks to everybody who contributed a caption!

And now for the next Caption Contest:


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