Thursday, August 10, 2006


Are you gellin’?

I’m gellin’ like a felon. I’m avoidin’ misspellin’, eatin’ watermelon, usin’ deodorant t’ keep m’ armpits from smellin’. How ’bout you? You gellin’?

Naw. Fuck gellin’. I’m grillin’.


Well, Tuesday evenin’, Lair was willin’ to be grillin’. He was grillin’ while we were chillin’ and swillin’. That dude knows his grillin’ - he could make a killin’! And Damn, was it fillin’! We even got to play with his three Fuzzy Chill’n.

Yes, I joined Commentin’ Bob over at the House of Simon for an evening of charcoal-grilled goodness this Tuesday with Laurence and Gina. It was serious...for Lair does not screw around when it comes to preparing viands upon the flame.

Lair has already documented the evening over at his site, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to share it here. What did we have, you may ask. Go ahead! Ask.

We had salmon, planked on cedar and seasoned with Williams-Sonoma potlatch seasoning (a dry rub); chicken, also prepared with a tasty dry rub; asparagus; veggie skewers; jalapeños stuffed with pepperoni and Havarti or port wine cheese; corn on the cob, grilled in the husk and slathered with butter and mashed roasted garlic.

Grillin' with Mistuh Simon
Goodies on the grill. Jalapeños, veggie skewers, and Potlatch Cedar-Planked Salmon.

Not enough? Dessert was grilled Bartlett pear halves and pineapple rings.

Oh. My. Gawd.

Kissy Kissy mit Frisky
Frisky (one of the three Fuzzy Chill’n) plays kissy-face.

Afterward, as we digested our meal and played with Frisky and Nardo - Piper came out only when coerced - Lair posed for a photo in his Official Jooooooooniform (complete with Mogen David headdress) and then fired off a post over at IMAO (on behalf of all us Joooooooos!) to celebrate the implosion of the Cynthia McKinney campaign in Atlanta. And we got to see the Astros win, besides...a twofer!

Hi, Cynthia!
Laurence sends an Official Joooooooish Mozzil-Tov to Cynthia McKinney.

One day, maybe I can arrange an introduction between Lair and my friend The BBQ General. The General is a barbecue expert who is also knowledgeable in the Ways of the Charcoal Grill. That would be a meeting to remember, am I right?

[Tip o’ th’ Elisson fedora to Lair for the photographs.]

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