Friday, August 11, 2006


It’s Friday, the close of another action-packed week.

Lessee...a trip to Sweat City, complete with an excellent Grilled Dinner at the hands of the Exalted Crapmeister...a Wednesday evening return flight that arrived in Atlanta shortly before all hell broke loose in London, jacking up the Terror Alert Level a notch or two...’s Damn Good to be home.

The iPod d’Elisson is ready to spew forth its Weekly Random Assortment of Goodies for us. What say we take a look?
  1. Sunflowers - Paul Cantelon, Everything Is Illuminated soundtrack
  2. Women We Haven’t Met - Minus The Bear
  3. Act I, Scene 1: “News has a kind of mystery” - John Adams, Nixon In China

    Nixon: News has a kind of mystery:
    When I shook hands with Chou En-lai
    On this bare field outside Peking
    Just now, the world was listening.
    Chou: May I -
    Nixon: Though we spoke quietly
    The eyes and ears of history
    Caught every gesture -
    Chou: - introduce -
    Nixon: And every word, transforming us
    As we, transfixed, -
    Chou: - the Deputy
    Minister of Security.
    Nixon: Made history.
    Chou: May I -
    Nixon: On our flight over from Shanghai
    Chou: -The Minister -
    Nixon: - the countryside
    Looked drab and grey. “Breughel,” Pat said.
    “We came in peace for all mankind”
    I said, and I was put in mind
    Of our Apollo astronauts
    Simply -
    Chou: - of the United States
    Nixon: Achieving a great human dream.
    We live in an unsettled time.
    Who are our enemies? Who are
    Our friends? The Eastern Hemisphere
    Beckoned to us, and we have flown
    East of the sun, west of the moon
    Across an ocean of distrust
    Filled with the bodies of our lost;
    The earth’s Sea of Tranquillity.
    It’s prime time in the U.S.A.
    Yesterday night. They watch us now;
    The three main networks’ colors glow
    Livid through drapes onto the lawn.
    Dishes are washed and homework done,
    The dog and grandma fall asleep,
    A car roars past playing loud pop,
    Is gone. As I look down the road
    I know America is good
    At heart. An old cold warrior
    Piloting towards an unknown shore
    Through shoals. The rats begin to chew
    The sheets. There’s murmuring below.
    Now there’s ingratitude! My hand
    Is steady as a rock. A sound
    Like mourning doves reaches my ears,
    Nobody is a friend of ours.
    The nation’s heartland skips a beat
    As our hands shield the spinning globe
    From the flame-throwers of the mob.
    We must press on. We know we want -
    What? Oh yes -
    Kissinger: Mr. President -

  4. Delhin Yöt - Alamaailman Vasarat
  5. Litha - Chick Corea
  6. Nowadays - Chicago, The Musical - Original Broadway Cast
  7. Resolution - Mahavishnu Orchestra
  8. Video - Ben Folds
  9. Come With Us - The Chemical Brothers
  10. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors - Radiohead
I recall a wonderful weekend trip back in March of 2004, traveling to Boston to see a performance of Nixon in China at the Boston Lyric Opera with Elder Daughter. There is a huge difference between listening to opera - modern or classical, your choice - via recordings and seeing it performed on stage with live music and real actors. It was a rare treat, and enjoying it in the company of Elder Daughter enhanced the experience considerably.

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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