Monday, August 07, 2006


Dildonico Steak

This is an unaltered photograph of a steak that was recently served to one of our friends at Red Lobster.

I wonder what kind of exchange took place between Patron and Server.

“Hi, I’m Todd, and I’ll be your server this evening. Let me tell you a little bit about tonight’s specials. We’re featuring all-you-can-eat shrimp for $12.95, the one-pound lobster is $13.95, and we have Pillion of Beef for $16.95. Our entrées come with a house or Caesar salad and your choice of potato. Would you care to start off with an appetizer?”

Seriously, I’m not sure what cut of meat it is - a New York Strip Club? a Dildonico Steak? - but what this picture needs is a caption.

Got any ideas?

Me, I’d be a tad uncomfortable if my Beefy Entrée showed up on my plate looking like a deep-fried Horse Cock. Maybe that’s what you get when you order Red Meat at a Red Lobster.

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