Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Sunday afternoon, the Missus and I grabbed a late lunch at Bistrot du Coin in Washington D.C. while Elder Daughter rehearsed for a performance art piece that would be previewed later that evening.

We had last dined there with fellow Online Journalist Meryl Yourish and our friend Sue in what amounted to an advance observance of IEATAPETA Day. This time, however, for the sake of variety, I decided to have the magret de canard (roasted duck breast) in lieu of the hanger steak. And I was not disappointed.

SWMBO’s vantage point afforded her a fine view of the street, to which the windows had been thrown open. It was almost like dining at a sidewalk café. But what caught her eye was a family sitting just a few feet away: husband, wife, and two young boys, all with typical Northern European blond hair. Check ’em out:

Bistro Gameboys

Now: What’s wrong with this picture?

Why, check out the kids, foreheads resting upon the table as their attention is focused exclusively on the Gameboys in their laps.

If my brother (the Other Elisson) or I had ever laid our heads down on a restaurant table like that, our asses would have been swatted hard enough to rattle our teeth. “Sit up straight! Where do you think you are, in Stupid-Land?”

When people wonder what killed the art of Family Conversation, invite them to examine this image. The answer is right there. Fucking video games!

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