Saturday, July 11, 2009


Philly Ink
A red-maned Irish faerie graces the thoracic spinal area of a young woman in Philadelphia. Oh, and check our the Ed Hardy-style neck-skull. Sweet!

Alpha K-9, the resident blogger at Dead Dog Walkin’, has a regular feature at his site, Sunday Ink, in which he posts pictures of interesting tattoos - usually sported by attractive or interesting young ladies.

I was thinking of ol’ K-9 a week ago today as I was walking through the courtyard at Philadelphia’s City Hall, for along came a lovely young thing with a Serious Tattoo. I asked if I could photograph her, and she happily acceded. And so, as an homage to the finest Inkblogger (and Chipmunk-Tale Raconteur) of Austin, Texas, I post it here.

Think of it not as a “Cheesecake Photo,” but rather a “Cheesesteak Photo.” It’s Philly, yo!

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