Saturday, July 11, 2009


Except for a brief post I put up immediately upon learning of his death, I haven’t jumped into the Jacko tank.

I was never a fan of the Jackson Five - “Rockin’ Robin” made me want to peel the skin off my body with a Carvel spoon - and I never was all that much of a Pop Music fan to get off on the Musical Stylings of the so-called King of that selfsame Pop. Give me a choice between MJ and FZ (that’d be Frank Zappa), and I’ll take Zappa every time.

OK, I own a copy of Thriller - on vinyl, yet. (Doesn’t everybody?) Gotta stay in touch with the zeitgeist at least a leetle bit, y’all.

There’s really no point in my writing a postmortem on MJ. First of all, I lack the emotional investment in his career and his life story to do such a task justice... and second, someone else has done a far better job than I could ever hope to.

I speak of skippystalin, whose Jackson-themed posts at his new site, Postcards of the Hanging, say everything I could possibly want to say about the late, lamented Michael Jackson - only far more eloquently.

Read this one.

Then read this one.

See what I mean?

Now: when you’re finished reading about Jacko, go to this (NSFW) post and learn all about Biscuit Holes... and possibly the most demented (and outrageous) ad campaign I’ve seen in years. Or ever.

And if Postcards of the Hanging is not already on your blogroll... well, why the fuck not?

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