Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I have eaten a lot of strange things in my lifetime. My having a semi-adventurous palate, coupled with extensive travel in Asia, means that some, ahhh, interesting food has, at one time or another, crossed my lips.

But this... this is completely Beyond the Pale. Human Placenta!

Yes: in a Time magazine article graciously forwarded to us by our friend Catherine, intrepid columnist Joel Stein holds forth on the experience he and his wife had recently with the Placenta Lady. There’s even a video!

I encourage you to read it all (gag). But I will tell you in advance that the end result of the Placenta Lady’s preparations is a bottle of Placenta Pills. Capsules, to be precise. Which sounds vaguely medicinal... and which doesn’t impress (or horrify) me nearly as much as if she had sliced that sucker up and fried it with onions in a little duck schmaltz.

Never mind the after dinner mints - how ’bout some afterbirth-fer-dinner mints! Yeef.

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