Thursday, July 09, 2009


Several months ago, the New York Times website linked to one of my posts, placing me in the august company of real Content Providers like the Wall Street Journal and Time magazine.

The joke, of course, was that the Times somehow confused a post I had written about Hungarian Goulash with something that might conceivably be of interest to readers looking for “world news about Hungary, including breaking news and archival articles published in the New York Times.”

Amusing, to be sure, but not half as amusing as their linking to my recent piece about the Hubble Space Telescope:

NYT Webpage 070909
Today’s New York Times webpage. [Click to embiggen.]

I’m sure our young nephew William will be pleased to know that the photograph he took of his cat’s asshole has now been linked by the prestigious, tasteful Grey Lady. And that same Grey Lady would be most displeased to know the same.

Ain’t Science grand?

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